Planning Summer Corporate Parties with Lubbock Event Rentals

As summer unfurls, companies on the South Plains are presented with the perfect opportunity to breathe some fun into the work routine – by hosting a vibrant corporate summer party. These events, often the highlights of the corporate calendar, offer more than just a fun gathering. 

They are platforms for team building, morale-boosting, and reinvigorating company spirit. With Lubbock Event Rentals, your event finds a dependable partner who brings a trove of experience and an extensive inventory of top-notch equipment.

Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Corporate Parties

Summer, with its joyous ambiance and extended daylight hours, is an ideal season for corporate gatherings. The West Texas heat offers many opportunities to host memorable events, from picturesque picnics in the park to sophisticated cocktail parties. 

With Lubbock Event Rentals’ expert planning and coordination, you can effortlessly convert these opportunities into successful and enjoyable corporate events.

Types of Corporate Summer Parties

Different occasions call for different celebrations. This principle stands true for all summer gatherings, and your corporate party is not immune! From a relaxed BBQ cook-off to a sophisticated cocktail party, or even an outdoor sports-watching party with our mobile LED walls, we are experts in creating the unique experience your employees will rave about. 

Alternatively, you may choose to host team-building activities that capitalize on the season’s charm. Regardless of the type of party, Lubbock Event Rentals provides tailored services to cater to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a successful and memorable event.

Here are some ideas for different types of Corporate Parties

Casual BBQ Cook-off: A relaxed and fun gathering that encourages team participation and camaraderie. Lubbock Event Rentals can provide BBQ grills, outdoor furniture, and even judge’s tables for the competition.

Sophisticated Cocktail Party: For a more formal gathering, this type of party might be perfect. We offer high-quality tables, chairs, bar setups, stylish lounge furniture, and elegant glassware to ensure a chic and classy atmosphere.

Outdoor Team-building Activities: Facilitate bonding and teamwork with organized outdoor activities. We can assist with the necessary equipment like game setups, shade tents, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Company Picnic: A classic option, perfect for a family-friendly event. We provide picnic tables, pop-up canopies, and game equipment to ensure a fun-filled day for your employees and their families.

Poolside Party: A fantastic way to beat the summer heat. Lubbock Event Rentals can set up poolside loungers, cocktail tables, frozen drink machines, and even arrange for pool accessories.

Each of these corporate summer party types is unique, and Lubbock Event Rentals is ready to cater to the specific needs of your event, ensuring its success and enjoyment for all attendees.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

The venue plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for your corporate summer party. It’s important to choose a venue that provides comfort, is easily accessible, and aligns with the desired party theme. Whether it’s an open-air location bathed in the summer sun or an indoor setting with an outdoor view, Lubbock Event Rentals has you covered. Our comprehensive venue setup service includes the delivery, assembly, and disassembly of all rented equipment, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for your event.

Equipment Needed for Corporate Summer Parties

The equipment you choose is integral to the success of your event. From basic necessities like tents, tables, and chairs, to more specific items like BBQ grills and state-of-the-art audio-visual gear, Lubbock Event Rentals provides an extensive range of high-quality options. 

With our commitment to providing equipment that is not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, we ensure that your event leaves a lasting impression on your colleagues.

Here are some items you might need to rent from Lubbock Event Rentals: 

Tents: To provide shade and create defined spaces at your outdoor event, Lubbock Event Rentals offers a variety of tent options that can be tailored to fit the venue’s size and layout.

Tables and Chairs: From formal banquet tables and chairs for a sophisticated gathering to casual picnic tables for a relaxed BBQ, we have a broad selection to suit every event’s style and needs.

BBQ Grills: If you’re planning a BBQ cook-off or simply want to serve freshly grilled food, our commercial-grade grills are a must-have.

Audio-Visual Gear: Whether you need a sound system for speeches and music or an 11x17ft mobile LED wall for presentations, our state-of-the-art AV equipment will ensure your messages are heard and seen clearly.

Outdoor Games: For team-building activities, consider our variety of outdoor games that are sure to bring laughter and competitiveness to your event.

Decorative Items: To enhance the atmosphere of your party, we offer a range of decorative items that can be customized to fit your chosen theme.

Catering Equipment: From buffet tables to serving utensils, we can provide everything you need to serve food and drinks seamlessly.

By providing an extensive range of high-quality rental equipment, Lubbock Event Rentals ensures that your corporate summer party is not just enjoyable but also leaves a lasting impression on your colleagues.

Catering and Refreshments

An event’s success is often measured by its culinary offerings. In a summer setting, it’s crucial to strike a balance between refreshing and substantial fare. Think light salads, BBQ favorites, and a variety of thirst quenchers to keep the summer heat at bay. 

Lubbock Event Rentals has extensive connections with local caterers, and we can assist in getting you in contact with a caterer who will curate a menu that will leave your guests raving. From arranging the catering tents to setting up buffet tables and dining areas, our rental services ensure your refreshment needs are covered.

Top Themes for Corporate Summer Parties

A great way to make your corporate summer party stand out is to center it around a theme. The theme could be as simple as a color scheme or as elaborate as a summer fiesta. Here are some popular themes for summer corporate parties for inspiration: 

Tropical Luau: Bring the Hawaiian vibe to your party. Lubbock Event Rentals offers high-quality bars, frozen drink machines, tropical-themed decor, and vibrant-colored linens to create an island paradise right in your venue.

Summer Picnic: Capture the essence of a relaxed, sunny afternoon outdoors with checkered tablecloths, rustic furniture, and picnic-style catering equipment.

Summer Fiesta: Spice up your event with vibrant colors, Mexican-style table linens, sombrero-shaped serving bowls, and margarita glasses for a true Fiesta feel.

Garden Party: If your venue is a green outdoor space, why not accentuate it with elegant fairy lights, floral decorations, and vintage-style furniture?

Lubbock Event Rentals has an expansive range of décor and props that cater to a variety of themes. We provide customization options for your rental equipment to align with the chosen theme, helping to create an immersive environment that impresses your guests.

Safety Measures for Outdoor Summer Parties

While summer parties can be loads of fun, it’s equally important to keep safety top of mind, especially for outdoor events. Consider measures such as emergency planning, creating shaded areas, and ensuring ample hydration stations. 

Lubbock Event Rentals prioritizes safety in all our services. We provide high-quality tents and umbrellas for shade, and our equipment is always checked for safety standards. Our team will guide you through safety considerations to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Host An Event Your Team Will Remember

A successful corporate summer party does more than just break the monotony of work; it creates lasting memories, strengthens bonds, and reaffirms the company culture. With Lubbock Event Rentals, you gain more than just a vendor; you gain a partner dedicated to realizing your vision for the perfect corporate event. We are committed to providing a seamless rental experience with a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment, expert advice, and unwavering support.

Ready To Get Started? Our Contact Information

Your dream corporate summer party awaits – and it all starts with Lubbock Event Rentals. Contact us at (806) 641-1740 to start planning today. Together, we can turn a summer day into an unforgettable event.

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